Honing / Blind Honing

Honing is a process used to make the hole surface smooth, accurate and devoid of surface irregularities. We have standardized the surface finish value of our honed surfaces to less than 0.4µ Ra. Specific surface finish requirement as per customer requirement can also be achieved. We also specialize in blind honing which is a process of honing a tube having different bore diameters at both ends and honing the smaller bore. Excel Hone is India's most successful honing service provider.


We have separate facilities for honing of deep-hole drilled tubes at the same premises thereby ensuring savings in cost and time involved in material handling and logistics. We also have material handling facility of up to 5 tons which is being upgraded to 10 tons shortly.


Excel hone Mfg. (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an industry leader in India, in honing of blind bored tubes (tubes with different bore diameters at either end or closed at one end). We can also hone blind bores of 5 meter lengths.


Our Blind Honing capacity:

Specification Range
Bore Diameter 40mm – 1000mm
Bore Length 50mm – 10000mm
Stock Removal 0.3mm – 0.9mm
Surface Finish 0.4µ Ra or better
Material Grade Ferrous, SS and Other Non-ferrous Metals
Material condition Annealed, toughened, hardened


If you have any requirement of honing of blind tubes, please feel free to write to us. We would be pleased to assist you.